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Please take a look at my new Help page! You will find some unreleased songs there. Maybe you can send me your attempts at the lyrics in return.


Christian sent me an interview with some interesting points about Beginning and Weak and Strong. He also made an interesting suggestion about Die Trying. Thanks a lot!


Last year, the new album Winter and the Devil/Winter 7" were released. Lyrics and annotations added for: Beginning, Burn the Castle, Winter, Part the Waters, Eyes Get Used to the Darkness, Drifts, Born Feral, Die Trying, Devil, Strogoula, Echo November, Weak and Strong, and After Something.

Monty has sent me another batch of lyrics. Again, a million thanks! I added to and corrected the lyrics for The Beautiful Game, The Dream, The Gift, London, Poem, and Stoned, Fired and Full of Grace. He also figured out the chorus of Young, Gifted and Skint and had some new insights about the lyrics of Billy, Bradford LightsCrocodile Tears, and Motorfunk.


Lyrics to Canned Heat's On the Road Again added.

I've continued to work on the annotations and added stuff for ACAB, All Consuming Fire, The Attack, Ballad of Bodmin Pill, Billy, Bloodsports, Bluebeat, Bradford Lights, The Charge, Christian Militia, Crocodile Tears, Far Better Thing, Freedom '91, Frightened, Get Me Out, Ghost of Your Father, Green and Grey, High, The Hunt, Into the Wind, A Liberal Education, Lights Go Out, London, My People, 1984, One Bullet, One of the Chosen, Orange Tree Roads, Paekakariki Beach, Prayer Flags, The Price, R&R, Red Earth, Rivers, Rockin' in the Free World, Running in the Rain, Sentry, Space, Sunset, Ten Commandments, Today is a Good Day, Vagabonds, You Weren't There and Young, Gifted and Skint.

Christian mailed me a short Facebook dialogue about Queen of My Heart. Thanks a lot!

With the help of Lotus I was able to confirm that a song played at Red Sky Coven in 2009 called Blue Murder on this setlist is in fact God Save Me with two different lines and an added "Screaming blue murder". I added the RSC version to the lyrics. However, according to bat, Justin Sullivan played a new song with the lines "Screamnig blue murder" at Red Sky Coven as early as 2004. Does anybody know whether this is an earlier version of God Save Me or a different song altogether?


Live triple CD + DVD Between Wine and Blood Live December 2014 added to sources.

Chuck Berry tribute Memphis, Tennessee added.

Several people have sent contributions to the site over the past three years. Thank you, everybody, and sorry that it took me so long to include them!

I added Andrew's thoughts on Eleven Years and Lurhstaap to the annotations.

Henning found a possible source for the "Look away, look away" in Sunset (and LA Push).

Tom wrote me about a chat he had with Joolz that cleared up some things about Ambition and Mambo Queen of the Sandstone City.

Guy was able to name a source for Drummy B 1992. Now all I need is the lyrics!

I added Sonja's suggestion for R.I.P to the annotations.

Connor sent information on the phrase "blood is thicker than water" that I added to the Family annotations.

Klaus and Paul both identified a cover song I did not know as Henry Mancini's The Inspector Main Theme that was also used in the Pink Panther cartoon series.

Jakub suggested a reference to the "cancer ward" in Far Better Thing, and I also added some own thoughts.

Monty has sent me lyrics for ACAB, Billy, Bradford Lights, Conscience, Crocodile Tears, and his take on Motorfunk. Many many many thanks!


Further annotations added for The Attack and The Beautiful Game.


Annotations added for Between Wine and Blood tracks: According to You, Angry Planet, Guessing, Happy to Be Here, Devil's Bargain, and Sunrise.

I also added more annotations to: Autumn, Family Life, Fashion, Ghost Train, Green and Grey, High, No Mirror, No Shadow, Sky in Your Eyes, Sun on Water, Tales of the Road (being on the road; see also Happy to be Here, Headlights, 125 MPH, Orange Tree Roads, The Price, Stormclouds, Sunrise, Vagabonds, or Wipeout), White Coats, and You Weren't There.


New EP / Life album Between Wine and Blood is out. Lyrics added for According to You, Angry Planet, Guessing, Happy to Be Here, Devil's Bargain and Sunrise. Source added to Stormclouds, March in September, Did You Make it Safe?, I Need More Time, Pull the Sun, Lean Back and Fall, Seven Times, Between Dog and Wolf, Summer Moors, Knievel, and Horsemen. Did anyone else notice they managed to record the life tracks in the future ("the 'Between Dog And Wolf' tour November / December 2014")?


I added some info Bob sent me about the Royal Standard pub that is mentioned in F#NY. Thanks a lot!


Lyrics to the charity song The Beautiful Game added.


I finished reading the Between Dog and Wolf Magazine and added annotations for Family, I Love the World, La Push, and The Pack.

I also added some more annotations to Mambo Queen of the Sand Stone City and Qasr El Nil Bridge.


My copy of Vengeance - The Whole Story arrived and I tidied up the sources a bit.

March in September Flexi added to sources.


I finally added annotations for the Today Is a Good Day Album: Today Is a Good Day, Autumn, States Radio, Mambo Queen of the Sand Stone City, La Push, Arm Yourselves and Run, Bad Harvest, and North Star.

I also added some (further) annotations for other songs: All of This, Bad Old World, Better Than Them, Breathing, Carlisle Road, Dawn, Did You Make it Safe?, Drag it Down, Drummy B (Billy McCann Version), 51st State, Ghost of Your Father, Killing, Leeds Road 3am, Lust for Power, Modern Times, No Sense, Snelsmore Wood, Southwest, Vanity, Vengeance, and Water.

Gareth filled some gaps in my London lyrics. Thanks a lot!


The new album, Between Dog and Wolf, is out on CD and Double LP! Lyrics added for Horsemen, March in September, Seven Times, Did You Make it Safe?, I Need More Time, Pull the Sun, Lean Back and Fall, Knievel, Stormclouds, Between Dog and Wolf, Qasr El Nil Bridge, Tomorrow Came, Summer Moors, and Ghosts.

Annotations added for Horsemen, March in September, Seven Times, Did You Make it Safe?, I Need More Time, Knievel, Stormclouds, Between Dog and Wolf, Qasr El Nil Bridge, Tomorrow Came, Summer Moors, and Ghosts.

1980-2010 Triple DVD added to sources.

Some lyrics for unreleased songs added: Belisha Beacon and the Accidents, The Gift, London, The Pack, and Poem.

Annotations added for Belisha Beacon and the Accidents, The Gift, Living a Lie, London, and The Pack.


Anthology Double CD added to sources.

Today Is a Good Day Double LP added to sources.

I corrected or added lyrics for some old songs that have been published at the official NMA site probably 10 years ago: The Dam, Fashion, I Believe, Living a Lie, New Frontier, New Model Army, and Paralysed.

Those songs have been released on a new edition of Vengeance (The Whole Story 1980-84) in 2012. Added to sources.

There are instrumental demo versions for several known songs. Info added to the sources of Archway Towers, Ballad of Bodmin Pill, The Dam, Heroes, I Wish, Lights Go Out, Tension, 225, Waiting, and Whirlwind.

Unreleased instrumental demos added: Betrayal, Blitz, Coasters, Crash, Deliver Us, Forgiven, Gatlin, Master Plan, Roly, and 24 Hours.

Some lyrics for covered songs added: The Day the World Turned Day-Glo, Heartbreak Hotel, Leader of the Pack, Love Me Tender, Lucille, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, Singin' in the Rain, Thank You, This Land is Your Land, Umbrella, and Walking in the Air.

I also added some annotations for The Day the World Turned Day-Glo, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, and Singin' in the Rain.

With a little help from the internet I completed the lyrics for In a Rut and There's a Ghost in my House.

Instrumental cover versions added: Green Onions, I Can't Turn You Loose (Blues Brothers Theme), The Pink Panther Theme and Wipe Out.


Chris sent me an e-mail explaining some points in Eleven Years. Thanks a lot!


The new studio album, Today Is a Good Day, is out. Lyrics added for the new tracks: Today Is a Good Day, Autumn, Peace is only, States Radio, God Save Me, Disappeared, Mambo Queen of the Sand Stone City, La Push, Arm Yourselves and Run, Bad Harvest, North Star.


Recent months have seen the releases of two new CDs: the live-album Fuck Texas, Sing for Us (11/08) and Red Sky Coven Vol. 5 (1/09). Louie Louie lyrics added.


Annotations added to All Consuming Fire, 51st State and Lights Go Out.


Annotations added to High, No Mirror, No Shadow, Dawn, Into the Wind, and Bloodsports.


Annotations added to Wonderful Way to Go, Young, Gifted and Skint and All Consuming Fire.


The new album High is out! Tracks Wired, One Of the Chosen, High, No Mirror, No Shadow, Dawn, Sky in Your Eyes, Into the Wind, Nothing Dies Easy, Breathing, Rivers, and Bloodsports added and All Consuming Fire corrected.


Jochen from New Zealand suggested further annotations for Another Imperial Day, Far Better Thing and Sunset.


After 5 years of working I am proud to present you the Annotated New Model Army Song Archive! Justin Sullivan's lyrics abound in cultural, historical, political, literary and religious references, and I have made an attempt to explain most of them as well as collect Justin's statements about the meaning of single songs. Enjoy! (And, as always, help me by sending corrections, additions, remarks, anything).


Official versions of Sooner or Later and the alternative verse in Vengeance are up on newmodelarmy.org


Rev Hammer's Freeborn John Live at The Beautiful Days Festival August 2005 was released at the end of 2006. It features a live version of Rumour and Rapture.


New live song All Consuming Fire added.


The BD3 EP has been released in the USA. Lyrics for Caslen (previously instrumental) and alternative live lyrics for Here Comes the War added.


BD3 has been released on two different CD singles. Rumour & Rapture (1650) added.


EMI have re-issued their four New Model Army albums as remastered double cds with bonus tracks: No Rest for the Wicked (plus Heroin, Adrenalin, No Sense, Trust, Vengeance, Smalltown England, A Liberal Education, Waiting, Betcha), The Ghost of Cain (plus Brave New World, Brave New World 2, R.I.P., Ten Commandments, Courage, Poison Street, Lights Go Out, The Hunt, All of This, Lovesongs, 51st State), Thunder and Consolation (plus White Coats, The Charge, Chinese Whispers, Nothing Touches, The Mermaid, Adrenalin, Deadeye, Higher Wall, 125 MPH, I Love the World, Green and Grey, Archway Towers, Vagabonds, 225) and Impurity (plus Prison, Curse, Far Better Thing, Lurhstaap, Whirlwind, Space, Get Me Out, Purity, Innocence, Lurhstaap).

Various more or less authorised 'Best Ofs' have been released: The Best features all the songs from History - The Singles 85-91 plus some tracks from The Love of Hopeless Causes; Great Expectations - The Singles Collection is the official American singles compilation; Original 20 and The Collection are, I think, attempts to cash in on New Model Army without their consent.

Furthermore loads of live stuff has been released: the New Model Army Rock City 23-10-2000 Video and Live 161203 DVD as well as the Justin Sullivan and Friends releases, the Tales of the Road CD and Justin Sullivan and Friends DVD. Lyrics for Masters of War added.

Finally New Model Army's new Studio album Carnival is out! New lyrics for Water, BD3, Prayer Flags, Carlisle Road, Red Earth, Too Close to the Sun, Blue Beat, Another Imperial Day, LS43, Island and Fireworks Night.

And now for something completely different: Chris Hinkley sent me his version of the Fashion lyrics. Thank you, Chris.


I finally got my copies of Navigating by the Stars as well as the Twilight Home and Ocean Rising singles. Lyrics added for Twilight Home, Blue Ship, Ocean Rising, Sentry, Navigating by the Stars, Sun on Water, Green, Home, and Sooner or Later; source added to Tales of the Road, Ghost Train, Changing of the Light, Apocalypse Dreams, Headlights, Drummy B, The Ballad of Bodmin Pill, and Lovesongs.

Stoned, Fired and Full of Grace lyrics added.


Lost Songs has been released and added to the sources. Wanting, Still Here, If You Can't Save Me, Falling, Trees in Winter, Knife and Coming Up added or corrected.


Red Sky Coven Vol. 3 has been released and added to the sources.

Aran sent some additions to the Fashion lyrics. Thank you, Aran.


The Official New Model Army Site has opened a lyrics section. There a finally official versions for the lyrics of Apocalypse Dreams, Ballad 2, BD7, The Burning Season, Carrying On, F#NY, Far Better Thing, Freedom, Ghost Train, History, One Bullet and Turn Away.


Details on Justin Sullivan and Red Sky Coven performances added to the sources of all songs.


Live is Life added.


Freak figured out the sources of the Raw Melody Men and Nobody Else albums. He also knew where Rasputin was played, and I added the details to this site.


The new album, Eight, is out! Lyrics to all album tracks added:
Flying Through the Smoke, You Weren't There, Orange Tree Roads, Someone Like Jesus, Stranger, R&R, Snelsmore Wood, Paekakariki Beach, Leeds Road 3am, Mixam, Wipeout.

Thanks to Dave I was able to complete the lyrics of In a Rut.

Peter remembers a gig where New Model Army played Rasputin!

And finally, I've gotten out all my NMA records, bootlegs, tapes etc., read my diaries,  shamelessly plundered other sites (namely the BD7 Concert Database, Patrice's and Freak's setlist sites, Nobby's Complete Tour Books and Peter's CD-Rs page), in short: wasted endless precious time instead of writing fascinating, clever essays and term papers (it's called procrastination, I think) only to add information to this site that nobody's interested in anyway!
I've added details about NMA tours, festivals or single concerts to the sources of the songs. A "tour" in this case is a sequence of more than one concert with reasonably similar setlists within a reasonably short time span; "festivals" also include warm-up gigs with similar sets; details to a single concert are given when even I didn't manage to assign it to either of the two categories. 
Expect an update on details of RSC or Justin's solo gigs when my next essays are due . . .


An der schoenen blauen Donau, Jolene, Runaway and Wannabe added.


The Muppet Show Theme, Winter Song and You Weren't There added.


The new live album, New Model Army . . . & Nobody Else, has been released and added to the sources.

Live version of last verse of Aimless Desire added.


Lyrics for The Monster Mash added.

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