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What's this all about?

This website is my attempt to collect the lyrics to ALL New Model Army songs and annotate them. Furthermore, I used to try and list all sources - official recordings, bootlegs and live performances - to these songs. I've now given up. I mean, it is a bit nerdish really; besides the boys are constantly on tour and I don't have much time any more. Not all lyrics are officially published, I possibly don't know every recording and of course I have only seen comparatively few concerts, so in order to make this site as complete as possible, I need your help. Please contribute all additions and corrections you find necessary to


How does this site work?

All the songs on this site are listed in alphabetical order. If a song has never been released, I tried to give it some catchy, plausible title, usually the first line or most important noun/phrase of the chorus.

An italic title indicates that there are no official lyrics to the song. Italic words within the lyrics are those bits that I'm not so sure I understood properly. ??? means that I did not understand this part at all.

Grey title and lyrics show that the song is a cover version. The band/artist that performed it originally is given in brackets.

Green source means that this is a live version of the song.

Red source means that this is a solo acoustic, i. e. Red Sky Coven or Justin Sullivan solo, version of the song.

What's new on this site?

Click here for a list of updates! This site was last updated on 23rd July 2017.

Please take a look at my new Help page! You will find some unreleased songs there. Maybe you can send me your attempts at the lyrics in return.

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