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This poem was published in the tour book for New Model Army's Ghost of Cain Tour in 1986


stand tall
real tall aim true
aim high
strike strong
think long
act quick act slick
listen well ignore hell
don't preach just teach
don't let them find you
grind you or attempt to confine you
smile wild be live
grow now sow now
always make your own vows
and don't pretend you know how
don't sell your face my face
or our place don't bother
with some rat race (just in case)
when you call please call
so you are heard by one and all
never think to fall is small
run home don't moan
you never have to condone
until you seen thru all thrones
be proud not loud
always be your own crowd
don't sneer at other gear
but more than that
never fear

reverend hammer - sept '86


1998-2004 Stefanie Fröhlke
Last update 1 Sep 2002