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Thanks to Bjoern Ahrens and (once again) Alan Bigham I added Edge of the World, Lowlands of Holland and Rumour and Rupture to Tabs

Some more info about 'Freeborn John' and the Fabbies added to Biography
Freeborn John Box Set added to Discography
Lowlands of Holland added to Lyrics
New Youtube videos (John Lilburne 400 Conference and Freeborn John at Beautiful Days 2015) added to Links

I added the Academy of Music and Sound to Biography. Rev Hammer is principal of the Exeter branch
I did some minor corrections of Lyrics of Every Step of the Way and Jack O'Green
Levellers Shop and Academy of Music and Sound Exeter added to Links

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The Idea Part 8 Fanzine VHS and Taste the Craic added to Samplers in Discography
Men With Ven Download CD added to Collaborations in Discography
The Power of the Conga added to Lyrics
Discogs and Men With Ven added to Links

April 2011 e-mail added to Newletters
I found a list of early Rev Hammer songs that is not even online anymore. But as they say, elephants and the internet never forget. 3 titles added to Discography
Songs which The Fabbies played at Beautiful Days over the last few years added to Discography and Lyrics
This Land is Your Land added to Discography and Lyrics
Over the years, several people sent me tabs (Ghost of Walachin, Jimmy Flannagan, Johnny Reggae and 2x Down by the River 'O'. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!) that I finally added to Tabs


The Great Eradicator, Down in the Alley, Alabaster, No One Or Nothing, Righteous, Springtime in England, Jack O'Green, Just Like Trevelyan, Every Woman's Pain, Rocks, and Mimi Mae added to Lyrics

Background info about 'The Green Fool Recordings' added to Biography
Corrections to Swansfeather added at Lyrics
Broken links fixed, Rev's twitter account, Rev Hammer Appreciation Society and Fabbies Facebook pages, and Red Sky Coven page added to Links

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Some additions to Biography
Down The Alley added to Discography
Broken links repaired, Rev Hammer page at JonnoPromotions, Freeborn John documentary at Youtube and website of Rev's friend Dan Donnelly added to Links

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Red Sky Coven Volume 5 added to Discography
Louie Louie added to Lyrics
Bread 'n Ducks added to Jokes

Minor additions to Biography
New MySpace and Youtube links added to Links
Before they torture and murder any more songs at this year's Beautiful Days Festival, here come the Lyrics for some cover versions by the Fabbies: Coz I Love You, Girls Girls Girls, Maybe This Time, Purple Haze, Santa Baby, Teenagers, We Are the Champions, Winter Wonderland, and You Gotta Fight For Your Right (to Party)
Umbrella added to Lyrics


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Check out Addresses and Links pages for details on Rev Hammer's new agent.

Let's Hear it For the Little Fella CD added to Discography
Such a Night added to Lyrics
Shallow added to Lyrics
I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone added to Lyrics
Gay Bar added to Lyrics
All You Need is Love added to Lyrics
Give Peace a Chance added to Lyrics
How Does it Feel (With Him)? added to Lyrics
Rev Hammer's entry in the German Wikipedia added to Links
Website for Rev's friend Harry S. Fulcher added to Links
New address for Velvet Records added

Biography updated
Rev's current project, The Fabulous Good Time Party Boys, added to Links

Latest e-mail Newsletter added

Four samplers added to Discography:
An Evening With Cooking Vinyl
Cooking Vinyl Sampler: For Mid and Budget Titles at a Special Price
Cooking Vinyl America Sampler
English Folk Collection


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Levellers DVD Chaos Theory added to Discography

Johnny Cash cover Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog added to Discography and Lyrics
Two Youtube video pages added to Links

Three E-mail Newsletters added to Newsletters
New Freeborn John Live DVD review (+ tour rumours!) added to Links

Biography updated
Demo tape Road to Dendron and Freeborn John Live added to Discography
Tecumseh Valley by Townes Van Zandt and
Rumour and Rapture by New Model Army added to Lyrics
(Worse and Worse) Like the Son of a Goat added to Tabs (thanks to Derfel!)
The Inflatable Schoolboy added to Jokes
Corrections and additions to Addresses and Links

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Biography updated
Rev Hammer's new album Spitting Feathers added to Discography
New Lyrics page for Spitting Feathers opened
Drunk in Public: The Muddy Road to Invergarry added to Discography
Those Were the Days added to Lyrics
Cooking Vinyl address changed on Addresses
At last Rev Hammer's Official Site is online! See Links

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Sweet Innocence (?) corrected on Lyrics (thanks to Colin Horsfield!)

Biography updated
Red Sky Coven Volume 3 added to Discography
Ukrainians: Drink to My Horse! added to Discography
Indie World added to Discography
Songs in the Key of Cooking Vinyl added to Discography
Folk Heartbeat II added to Discography Samplers and Collaborations
Spanish Lullaby added to Lyrics
My Country Love (?) added to Lyrics
Sweet Innocence (?) added to Lyrics
The Thief and the Fisherman's Daughter (?) added to Lyrics
Wedding Song (?) added to Lyrics
Heartbreak Hotel added to Lyrics
Happy Birthday Revolution added to Tabs
The Prize Cow added to Jokes
Rev Hammer's Freeborn John added to Other Writings
Cooking Vinyl telephone and fax changed on Addresses
Rev at the official New Model Army Site added to Links
All Music Guide added to Links
A French page added to Links
Attila the Stockbroker changed on Links
Official Ukrainians Sites changed on Links

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Hello Pig CD added to Discography
Happy Birthday Revolution Single CD added to Discography
Happy Birthday Revolution added to Lyrics
The Weed that Killed Elvis added to Lyrics
Edge of the World added to Lyrics
Country 'n' Western Record added to Jokes

I've finally come up with some sort of biography!
Musical Folk Group added to Lyrics
Caledonian Rain added to Tabs
California Bound added to Tabs
Musical Folk Group added to Tabs
Letter and press info for 'Industrial Sound and Magic' LP added
Hank added to Jokes

Russ Clark suggested that the whispered lines in Circular Blues are "Feels like ridicule" (instead of "waking"). I think he is right. Thanks!

How Will I Ever Be Simple Again? added to Lyrics
The song I so far called "The First Time..." is really Almost Every Circumstance by Colum Sands

Link to Levellers Tabernacle added to Links
Tab page opened. Thanks a lot to Alan and Michael!

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New Joolz site added to Links

Jolene added to Lyrics

Levellers Day added to Other Writings

This is Folk CD added to Discography
Ye Olde Farmer 2 added to Jokes

Two new links added to John Lilburne - A Brief History on Other Writings
Mark Chadwick and Rev Hammer Interview Tony Benn added to Other Writings

List of Updates added to site
Cooking Vinyl E-Mail address changed on Addresses

Jack of Green added to Live songs in Discography
Rosie added to Live songs in Discography
The Time for Moving On (?) added to Live songs in Discography
When I Come Through for You (?) added to Live songs in Discography
Jack of Green added to Lyrics
Rosie added to Lyrics
The Time for Moving On (?) added to Lyrics
When I Come Through for You (?) added to Lyrics
Ye Olde Farmer 1 added to Jokes
Bill Clinton added to Jokes

Drunk in Public CD added to Discography
Red Sky Coven Volumes 1 & 2 2CD added to Discography
This is Modern Folk CD added to Discography
Cooking Vinyl Sampler 7 CD added to Discography
Minnie the Moocher added to Live songs in Discography
That's the Way (I Like It) added to Live songs in Discography
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher added to Live songs in Discography Ellan Vannin added to Lyrics
Ghost of Walachin added to Lyrics
Minnie the Moocher added to Lyrics
Paling of the Moon added to Lyrics
Swansfeather added to Lyrics
That's the Way (I Like It) added to Lyrics
(Worse and Worse) Like the Son of a Goat added to Lyrics
(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher added to Lyrics
Christmas Future added to Jokes
New page Other Writings added to site
Goin' Out Shootin' added to Other Writings
Scans of Scarecrow Parish News Issue 1 added to Newsletters
Scans of Scarecrow Parish News Issue 2 added to Newsletters
Cooking Vinyl Web Site added to Links
Cooking Vinyl's Rev Hammer page added to Links
Attila the Stockbroker link changed on Links


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