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Buntingford Centre of the Universe LP
(As Hammer & Sickle; with Grant Davidson, Crowman (Justin Sullivan) and Rokk Artthrobbe (Rob Heaton))

Far Too Many Heroes
Buntingford Town Blues

The Idea Part 8 Fanzine VHS
(1989 or 1990?)
(JF and BF live at Ripley Red Lion 3/9/89, DbtRO live at Halifax New Ackroyd Arms 4/9/89, Interview at Knutsford Angel Hotel 10/9/89)

Jimmy Flannagan > Tabs
Branyard Fayre (Tranquility of Solitude?)
Down by the River 'O' > Tabs

An Evening with Cooking Vinyl 2MC
(Recorded live at the University of London Union)

Sweet Innocence
True Blue
Down by the River 'O' > Tabs
Caledonian Rain > Tabs

Cooking Vinyl Sampler 1 CD
(1993; GRILL CD 004)

Down by the River 'O' > Tabs

Cooking Vinyl Sampler 2 CD
(1993; GRILL CD 005)

Caledonian Rain (Piano Version) > Tabs

Cooking Vinyl Sampler: For Mid and Budget Titles at a Special Price CD
(1994; Grill CD 006)

Caledonian Rain > Tabs

Cooking Vinyl Sampler 3 CD
(1994; GRILL CD 007)

Spanish Lullaby

Cooking Vinyl Sampler 5 CD
(1996; GRILL CD 009)

Pillory Scene

Cooking Vinyl America Sampler CD
(1996; CKV 1000)

Caledonian Rain > Tabs

A Festival of Folk 2CD
(1996; DEMP CD 002)

Down by the River 'O' > Tabs
Every Step of the Way

Cooking Vinyl Sampler 6 2CD
(1997; GRILL CD 010)

Bonny Besses

Taste the Craic CD
(1997; GS431)

Down by the River 'O' > Tabs

This is Modern Folk CD
(1998; GRILL CD 011)

England's New Chains
Burford Stomp > Tabs
Bonny Besses

This is Folk CD
(1998; GRILL CD 012)

Seventeen Years of Sorrow

Cooking Vinyl Sampler 7 CD
(1998; GRILL CD 014)

England's New Chains

Indie World CD
(1998; EMPRCD 821)

Down by the River 'O' > Tabs

Folk Heartbeat II CD
(1999; EMPRCD 826)

Seventeen Years of Sorrow

English Folk Collection CD
(2000; GUMBOCD 015)

Seventeen Years of Sorrow

Songs in the Key of Cooking Vinyl CD
(2002; GRILL CD 020)

Circular Blues


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