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Rev Hammer is a modern day minstrel, a permanently travelling troubador. Raised on the sounds of Irish folk music, Delta blues, and Johnny Cash, Rev started singing at the age of eleven; 'Big Bad John' at an agricultural show, and started wandering not too many years later.

Fuelled by the sounds of his youth, and driven feverishly by the inspiration of The Clash, Rev took to the road in the early eighties, and has been gigging constantly ever since. He has performed at five Glastonbury Festivals, two Edinburgh Festivals, and the Voessa Jazz Festival in Norway. He has also toured with The Levellers, New Model Army, The Oysterband, Richard Thompson, Billy Bragg, and Hank Wangford.

A chance meeting with The Levellers in the heartland of England, has led to a lasting friendship, and the collaboration on this album. Drawn together by the similarity of their nomadic lifestyles, when Rev came to record there was only one group of musicians he could possibly work with. The result of which is 'Industrial Sound and Magic'.

 L e t t e r   b y   P r o d u c e r   T i m   P o r t e r


Dear Rev,

Thank you for your intriguing letter of last week, regarding the new album project. I just need to clarify some of the points you raised.

You're going to use a derilict cowshed in deepest Essex, devoid of heating, sanitation and all other studio comforts, during the coldest month of the year.

We shall be resident on site for at least a week, using the Levellers bus as a dormatory, this has one, small, woodburning stove for heat, a dodgy roof, still no sanitation and I have to fight the dog for a bed.

I must bring my own sleeping bag.

You want us to supply all the recording equipment, desk, monitoring, mics, and so forth, free of charge.

You also imply that you will have no money for food although Terry says he will have some nut roast left over from Christmas that will warm up nicely.

In return, you promise a good time, and to use the company name as the album title ............ You cheeky bastard!!

In the entire history of this company I have never received such an outrageous request!

Right on!.....I'll be there at 8:30.

All the best,



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