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Around the time of The Bishop of Buffalo Rev Hammer had the Scarecrow Parish News published. As far as I know, only two issues of this newsletter ever came out. Here they are. Don't bother to order any of the merchandise articles or to contact the address or info line. They do not exist any longer.
 S c a r e c r o w   P a r i s h   N e w s   2

Dear Scarecrow,
Greetings from everyone at the Parish News Head Quarters.
This issue is full of exciting news and gossip, including details of the 24 hr. info line, a new range of merchandise, and a full German tour in May. Rev will be touring with a new backing band - a bunch of friends we're sure you will enjoy meeting.
Rev and the band had a great time on the Red Sky Coven and UK Tours, and are looking forward to being back in Germany.
Finally - a big thank you for your support over the last year - we look forward to seeing you on tour!

Sweet Spirit! Sister of that orphan one,
Whose empire is the name thou weepest on,
In my heart's temple I suspend to thee
These votive wreaths of withered memory.

Poor captive bird! who, from thy narrow cage,
Pourest such music, that it might assuage
The rugged hearts of those who prisoned thee,
Were they not deaf to all sweet melody;
This song shall be thy rose; its petals pale
Are dead, indeed, my adopted Nightingale!
But soft and fragrant is the faded blossom,
And it has no thorn left to wound thy bosom.

High, spirit-winged Heart! who dost for ever
Beat thine unfeeling bars with vain endeavour,
Till those bright plumes of thought, in which arrayed
It over-soared this low and worldly shade,
Lie shattered; and thy panting, wounded breast
Stains with dear blood its unmaternal nest!
I weep vain tears: blood would less bitter be,
Yet poured forth gladlier, could it profit thee.

Seraph of Heaven! too gentle to be human,
Veiling beneath that radiant form of Woman
All that is insupportable in thee
Of light, and love, and immortality!
Sweet Benediction in the eternal Curse!
Veiled Glory of this lampless Universe!
Thou Moon beyond the clouds! Thou living Form
Among the Dead! Thou Star above the Storm!

(P. B. Shelley)

On the Road With Rev Hammer and Friends
Fantastisches Mai-Tour in Deutschland!!!

[This means - guess what! - Fantastic May Tour in Germany]
For further information contact:
Contour Music Promotions
Stuttgart 0711 238500

13 - Ratingen - Manege
14 - Hamburg - Cafe Zillo
15 - Berlin - Knaack Club
17 - Gelsenkirchen - Kaue
18 - Bremen - Roemer
19 - Hannover - Glocksee
20 - Koeln - MTC
21 - Schorndorf - Manufaktur
22 - Muenchen - Charterhalle

Bishop of Buffalo
The latest world-wide release from Rev Hammer features a full band, and was produced by Justin Sullivan of New Model Army. Available on CD - but also look out for the special limited edition vinyl which features 2 extra tracks - Spanish Lullaby and Bloody Whisky. German distribution is by Rough Trade - Telephone - 02325/697-0.
Catalogue Numbers are:
LP - 389.1063.1
CD - 389.1063.2

Industrial Sound and Magic
Still available - Rev's debut album featuring The Levellers as his backing band. It is distributed by Rough Trade and is available on CD or cassette.

Scarecrow Parish News
P.O. Box 12
Nottingham NG6 8GF

New 24 Hr Info Line
Intl: 44 602 795826
U.K.: 0602 795826

Phone for up to date info or to leave messages!

T003 - "It Came from the Corn" XL short sleeved shirt. Only a few left. First come, first served! - Red or White - 6
T004 - "Bishop of Buffalo" Red XL short sleeved shirt with LP lettering design - Blue or Grey Letters - 8
T005 - Environmentally Friendly XL short sleeved shirt, with with breast and sleeve print - Unbleached Cotton - 10
B001 - Scarecrow Face Brooches "Individuell von Loeffel Hand gemacht"!!! ["individually handmade from spoons"] - 10
P001 - Poster Package - "Industrial Sound and Magic" and "Bishop of Buffalo" posters - A2 size posters - 1.50
COOK CD 046 - Industrial Sound and Magic - Debut LP featuring The Levellers - CD/Cassette - 8/6
COOK CD 063 - The Bishop of Buffalo new 10 track CD - CD - 12
COOK 063 - The Bishop of Buffalo - limited Edition Vinyl with 12 tracks - LP - 8

Please add 20% postage and packing to your order.
Send cheques/postal orders/I.M.O.s for the total amount (payable to "Scarecrow Merchandising") in sterling to the above address.


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Last update 20 Sep 1998